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The first botanical journal in Central Asia to be published in full English

In 2022, the Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan was the first among all the countries of Central Asia to publish the botanical journal «Plant Diversity of Central Asia» (PDCA) in English. The journal is a peer-reviewed international scientific journal having a geographical focus on Central Asia and publishing original research and review articles on taxonomy, biogeography, evolution and conservation of plants (including algae, bryophytes and fungi). In addition, articles describing the results of scientific research in such areas as population and community ecology, and plant-animal interactions will also be accepted for publication.

The editor-in-chief is Prof. Sergey Volis from Israel (number of articles in Scopus 91, h-index 22). Sergei Volis previously served as Editor-in-Chief of «Plant Diversity» (China) (impact factor in 2021 - 2.528), and was one of the editors of «Plos ONE» (USA) (impact factor in 2021 - 3 .04). Apart from the editor-in-chief, the journal has 22 editors who are professional scientists from 13 countries, including the USA (Harvard University), Japan (Niigata University), Russia (Moscow and Altay State Universities), China (Kunming Institute of Botany), Spain (Instituto Pirenaico de Ecologia), Poland (Opole and Jagiellonian universities), and South Korea (Changwon National and Kongju Universities).

The first volume of the journal was published in January 2022. All accepted articles become immediately available and can be downloaded from the official website of the journal (www.pdca.uz). The published articles meet the standards of international journals and have permanent digital object identifiers (doi)  registered with the registration agency website www.doi.org. The journal is registered under certificate number No. 1192 dated June 22, 2021 and has international standard serial numbers (ISSN) for print (ISSN 2181-239X) and electronic (ISSN 2181-2403) editions.

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