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Journal of Theoretical and Clinical Medicine

The founder of the international scientific journal "Journal of Theoretical and Clinical Medicine" is the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The journal has been published since 1999and re-registered on 04.05.2007, No. 0255. Agency of Information and Communication of the Republic of Uzbekistan

ISSN (2091–5853)

The Journal of Theoretical and Clinical Medicine is one of the well-known scientific journals in the fields of medicine, biology and molecular genetics in Central Asia and the CIS countries. The main purpose is to publish reports that promote the achievements of major scientific research that have priority in various sections of medicine. , designed for distribution within the Republic of Uzbekistan and the CIS among scientists, faculty members of universities, doctors, pharmacists, doctoral students and irants and masters.

Language of publication: Uzbek, Russian and English

The aims and objectives of the journal are to inform about scientific achievements in the field of biology and medicine, biomedicine, biophysics, biochemistry, molecular genetics, virology and clinical medicine, exchange of experience, publication of scientific chronicles, reviewing monographs. Publications of special issues and reviews devoted to current issues in the field of medicine and biology, as well as materials of international congresses, symposia and conferences are practiced.

Specialty. The journal publishes original scientific articles, reviews on all sections of medicine and biology.

The unique features of the journal. In Academic institutes, scientists - biologists, chemists, physicists have long been working on medical problems together with institutes and universities of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Many medical products, reagent kits, diagnostic test systems, devices developed and manufactured at the Institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan are widely introduced into medical practice. Regular coverage of national science in the journal allows researchers and a wide range of medical and academic workers to actively use this knowledge. The journal is an organ that actively publishes and promotes achievements in the field of biomedicine, biophysics, biochemistry, molecular genetics, virology and clinical medicine of scientists from Uzbekistan and foreign countries.

Regions of distribution. It is distributed in all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, CIS countries and neighboring countries, the Journal is included in the electronic scientific library of the Russian Index of Scientific Citation (RISC).

Sources of financing: cost accounting, subscription.


Aripova Tamarahon Uktamovna

Date of birth: 07.11.1953

Place of birth: Samarkand

Direction: Immunology

Director of the Institute of Human Immunology and Genomics, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician.

She graduated from the Tashkent State Medical Institute (now TMA) in 1976 Aripova T.U. haspublished over than 350 scientific works (180 of them in the years of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan), including 9 monographs, 2 patents, 3 international author's certificates, 42 methodical recommendations. She has trained 7 doctors and 13 candidates of science.


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