Museum "In Memory of the Victims of Repression"
Museum "In Memory of the Victims of Repression"

Year of Foundation: Museum was established according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Establishing the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Repression” of 1 May 2001, and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 8 November 2002. 
According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 5, 2008, the exposition of the Museum's "In Memory of Victims of Repression" was improved. 

Address: Uzbekistan, 100184, Tashkent, Amir Temur Street, Memorial Complex "Shakhidlar hotirasi”
Phone: 244-29-40; 241-85-56;
Fax: 244-29-40; 241-85-56;
Director: Doctor of Historical Sciences Khasanov Bakhtiyor Vakhapovich. 
Staff: Doctors of Science - 2, Candidates of Science - 1, staff members - 43 

Main research trends: 
- studying the tragic events of the colonial period, the history of repression of the multinational people living in our country and describing them through the museum collections; 
- pursuing scientific research in public and private archives, libraries for exploration of the period of repression. Constant enrichment of museum exhibitions with newly found archival documents, photographs and various artifacts; 
- studying lives, social, political, scientific, literary, educational and public activities of the victims of political repression; 
- preparation for print and publication of literary and scientific heritage of prominent Uzbek scholars and writers; 
- arrangement of spiritual-and-educational and outreach activities designed to perpetuate the memory of victims of repression. 
- preparation of posters, calendars, brochures and publishing monographs devoted to this period and the victims of repression; 
Important results of basic research: 
- Published "Selected Works" of an outstanding educator Munavvar Kary Abdurashidkhanov and of poet Botu. Prepared for print the "Memories" by S. Tillyakhanov, "History of Turkestan in the period of rebirth" by L.Aziz-Zade, S. Akhmedov’s book "Born in the name of Motherland"; 
- Published five issues of the collection of documents and materials "Repression, 1937-1938"; 
- Published N. Karimov’s monograph "Panorama of literature of the twentieth century" (about repressed writers), biographical novels "Chulpan" and "Maksud Shayhzade," the book “Kurban Beregin’s Fate” by N Karimov, “They studied in Germany” by Sh.Turdyev, "Might-have-been Dreams of Kayum Ramadan” by S.Akhmedov. 
- Published the first and second books of the collection "The Unknown Pages of History", editors A.B. Khasanov and N.Karimov; 
Practical development works: prepared for printing a series of portraits with biographical sketches "Enlighteners in Uzbekistan”.